M- installer

It's easy to get started with Marshell. Knowing some of the basics will help.

What is a Shell?

In computing, a shell is a user interface for access to an operating system's services. In general, operating system shells use either a command-line interface (CLI) or graphical user interface (GUI), depending on a computer's role and particular operation.

The design of a shell is guided by cognitive ergonomics and the goal is to achieve the best workflow possible for the intended tasks; the design can be constricted by the available computing power (for example, of the GPU) or the available amount of graphics memory. The design of a shell is also dictated by the employed computer periphery, such as computer keyboardpointing device (a mouse with one button, or one with five buttons, or a 3D mouse) or touchscreen, which is the direct human–machine interface.

CLI shells allow some operations to be performed faster in some situations, especially when a proper GUI has not been or cannot be created. However, they require the user to memorize commands and their calling syntax, and also to learn the shell-specific scripting language, for example bash script. CLIs are also easier to be operated via refreshable braille display and provide certain advantages to screen readers.

Graphical shells have a low burden to start using a computer, and they are characterized as being simple and easy to use. With the widespread adoption of programs with GUIs, the use of graphical shells has gained greater adoption. Since graphical shells come with certain disadvantages (for example, lack of support for easy automation of operation sequences), most GUI-enabled operating systems also provide additional CLI shells.




  • Dowload the M- installer to your prefered path
  • start after download
  • press Enter to continue
  • it create on the actual position a folder named Marshell (no additional Library or registry alteration )
  • Automaticaly the command interpreter starts with the prompt :->



Core Files

Actualy the core Files are:

File Date description
init.mlp   initialisation enviroment parser
sinst.exe   Shell installerit installs the shell in the actual path-pos of where yout target the download
mpars.exe  28.03.1016 the command-interpreter and the main programm to use the shell
mdl.exe   File downloader

Elementary commands

command dosequi comment
ls dir shows files

starts any executable programm

ext start pgm  will start as separate task so continue work on shell


print working directory


run pgm.mlp runs prog in mlp


Lists the actual mlp pgm in memory